End Of Tenancy Cleaning

The End Of Tenancy Cleaning That Takes Care Of Everything

Think ahead when moving out of your rented property and book a thorough end of tenancy cleaning service you trust. Our expertise and professionalism include a 48 hours re-clean guarantee that will make your landlord or realtor happy. Only true professionals like us can guarantee that your check-out deposit will be refunded to you as you leave.

What is professional deep house cleaning?

Our work is backed by state-of-the-art technology, equipment, eco-friendly chemicals and deep expertise. Doing this cleaning right leaves the property in optimal post-rent conditions.

Every move is stressful. You’re always tense and going against the clock. The need to leave your old home clean doesn’t help but you don’t get your deposit money if you don’t do it. This is usually worth a full month’s rent so we want to ensure you will get it back.

We at MVI Cleaning will get our hands dirty making sure your rented space is neat and fresh. We have a wide variety of cleaning service that can satisfy your exit cleaning requirements. Spare yourself the time and the stress and let us do what we do best.

Our cleaning package is tailored for end of tenancy situations. Our professional cleaning Staff will leave everything looking neat and smelling great. We have all the experience this job takes too be done perfectly and we understand the end of lease guidelines. We guarantee the property will look just as great as when you moved in.

Here’s How You Stand to Benefit of End of Tenancy Cleaning:

Sometimes a landlord’s agent will ask you to go back and clean some more after you’ve already handed the property to them. This is not an easy request to accommodate as you move on with life. Well, our team of Cleaners will take care of that problem for you, if it arises and we will give you a 100% service guarantee.

Besides the normal services included in the standard package, we also can do your windows, steam your carpets, upholstery, leather and any other need of professional cleaning you could require.

The size of the home to be exit cleaned is never a problem to us, we’ll help with smaller and larger homes. We bring in all our stuff and all our people so that all these chores are off your hands and you can concentrate on other things about moving.

We enjoy particularly to take care of certain areas that are most commonly overlooked. Paces like underneath the range hood, between the blinds, under appliances or the grout between tiles. We will do what needs to be done.

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