Softwash Exterior Cleaning


Softwash Solution is a fully licensed, powerful “Professional Use Only” Biocide which gives a soft and gentle treatment that kills organic growth and disinfects without damaging surfaces or the environment. The high quality active ingredient of 50% DDAC content is the maximum strength government approved Biocide available on the market. It has the benefit of a low environmental footprint and biodegrades quickly. Once dry, the Solution is PH neutral and safe for your pets.


Softwash Solution Biocide works by puncturing the cell wall of the live biofilm, killing the organism down to the root. The organism dies and will eventually disappear leaving leaving a surface that is fully disinfected and so will giving longevity of clean time and value for money.

Anecdotally, after treatment the surface can look noticeable worse, a darker red or green perhaps. this is the solution doing its job. Once organism cells are punctured, they may release beta carotene and chlorophyll; essentially they bleed then die. However, over time the staining will begin to lighten and will eventually disappear.

The most frequently asked question from customers is;: “How long will it last?”
The Softwash Solution treatment, although not instant, gives proven longevity against power washing alone or aggressive, often unlicensed, chemical treatment. A maintenance program of treatment will help keep the surface permanently clean, providing a long therm solution.


  • In most cases direct chemical injection is used. This eliminates human error and the risk of Professional Strength Biocide being sprayed above the maximum regulation. Normally, the solution is applied from the ground using long reach equipment.
  • Direct Chemical injection eliminates the need to mix chemicals on site.
  • Where there is heavy contamination it may be brushed in.
  • For high rise building, only high access licenced operatives can apply the solution.

We are your local applicator offering this service, We have attended Softwash Solutions Biocide and (Chem Specific) COSHH training and can be verified through  


Cleaning time frames will depend on the type of biofilm and the biological load present on the surface being treated. For example, red staining: the algee known as trentepohlia can take approximately one week and green algae/ Mildew can disappear within 24 hours. Black moilds/fungi like Aspergillus Niger will take longer and, although the growth will be killed and the growth cycle halted, any residual staining may need further treatment/rinsing.


Using Softwash Solution regularly to clean paving and concrete can eliminate the need for powerwashing. Heavily infected and unmaintained areas cab be pre-treated prior to jet washing, eliminating the spread of live spores. Also if needed, Softwash Solution can be used power washing in order to kill the live growth root system. Both of these methods will, of course, give a longer clean time than power washing alone.


Softwash Solution as a highly Effective treatment of live growth and beneficial by-product acts as a wood preserver helping control wet and dry not.


All Masonry paint manufactures recommend treating live growth on paint with chemical in the bio-family, such as Softwash Solutions Biocide. Growth is treated and killed in situ prior to gently off remaining dead spores and any residual solution. Powerwashing alone can leave the root system intact to grow back through the paintwork.

Similarly masonry paint manufactures also recommend pre-treating render with a Biocide prior to painting. It is vital for the first paint treatment (primer) on these surfaces to take. Having a fully cleaned and disinfected surface enables the paint to make  100% contact with the finished surface substrate. Otherwise any live growth present will inhibit this process and inevitably grow underneath and break through the paint.

On Exterior Hard Surfaces

Coloured Render, Decking/Timber, Red Algae, Black Fungus / Mould, Green Algae / Mildew, Yellow Lichen / Moss, Pebble/Dry Dash, Concrete/Paving, Painted Surfaces Roofs, Brick,Tarmac, Paintwork, Pre-paint Treatment